A way to get "points" for helping others and use that points to get answer for your questions ?

I have an idea it might be good or not :slight_smile: mostly not ,

make a new form or site or whatever like answerhub when we get a point for solving a problem for someone that asked a question then we can use that points to ask our question ,so other people can solve our problem and get points for their own to use it later and so on and the circle of answers and question will continue without break , hope you got what i mean as eng is not my native language .

with this method everone will start to answer your question to get an answer for their own question :slight_smile:

Iโ€™m asking for this because i help a lot of people and some other people like me too and i really like to help people with my level of knowledge but not everyone like to help me/us as and its not encouraging just to help without getting help , i asked many question in unreal form and unreal answer hub and its been months and no one helped or gave the right answer and there are about 100 question peer day there without answer .and iโ€™m not sure why unreal team canโ€™t just assign 2 people and give them 1 job only which is answer people question in unreal form/answer hub as its not that much for a big company to hire 2 people devoted for one purpose .

Thanks and i really like to get your comments and ideas to help this beautiful community and reach the highest level by sharing our idea and knowledge and helping each other to get what we want which is the best game of our idea ASAP as time wait no man :slight_smile:

BTW i added a poll hope to get your suggestion :slight_smile: