A way to do backflip/frontflip with the controller?

Hello all I have a little question for you guys:
When you move your mouse to look up and down in unreal, you’ll be stuck when you look right into the sky or if you look straight downward.
I’d like to know if there is a way to suppress this restriction for a controller in a First Person game ?

My goal is to give to the player the ability to do a frontflip or backflip (a 360° rotation on the Pitch axis) when he move the mouse up and down.

Thanks for your answers =)

yes this is achievable…

Set up a custom player camera manager and adjust the max pitch settings beyond +/- 90 degrees

It works ! ! !
Thanks a LOT ! :smiley:
I post the method to achieve this here just in case:

0°) In the content browser, in view options (right/down corner) make sure that “Show C++ classes” and “Show engine content” are checked.

1°) Go to blueprints and create a new player controller (use it in your game mode)

2°) Open the new player controller and go to "Player camera manager class, change “none” to “player camera manager”.

3°) Click on the option “Brose to asset into content browser”

4°) In the content browser right-click on the player camera manager: Create a blueprint class based from it

5°) In your new player camera manager class, go to View Pitch min:
-Change the Min to 0.1
-Change the Max to 360

6°) Go back to your new player controller, to “player manager class” once again and select your new player camera manager.

7°) Make sure your game mode use your new player controller and the controller use your new player camera manager… And Yolo !

Thanks again ;D