A very very begginer question about animation pipeline

Hi ppl,

I am a programmer trying to figure out the animation pipeline… so I have a very basic question after my initial studies:

In my game If a want my character at a point stop walking and start typing on a screen holded at a wall is this the right way of doing it?

  1. I would have to put the skeleton on a 3d program like Maya,3ddesing etc, try to build the replica of the scene ( so the hight of the panel would be ok) and record the animation
    2)then import to unreal engine and then add to a bluepint

Question one: is this pipeline correct ?
Question two: if for example a finger is not positioned correct to the size of the panel I would have to remake the whole process just to adjust this litle finger?

I am asking those questions cause this process seem very cumbersome for me… specially on a big cinematic scene with a lot of interaction from the character with the environment.

Thanks very much in advance.

Best regards.

hi BrunoArruda your pipeline is correct you can use 3d studio max to make animations or too some motion capture software you will need a 360 xbox kinect or some playstation eye camera then you can record your animation and import that into studio max. then you can import your animation to your character in unreal engine. if you rigged bad some bones you can adjust whatever you want your bones and align correctly to your mesh skin. you can too create an alembic animations without add animations to your character and create a “cinematic” scene look at this 3ds max plugin hope this help you figure out your doubts.

thanks for the quick reply… i checked the references you gave me… now I have two more questions:

1)does unreal engine supports alembic?
2)Why dont epic makes a real simple animation tool inside the engine, just to make small adjusts… they have almos everything in place: the timeline, the bones manager and etc… would make everyones life a LOT easier dont you think?

Thanks agains

seems to be supported i don’t know if you can only export mesh or can export mesh + skeleton, it will be more helpfull for create animations, you have to try to do that, an animation tool will be very useful to create cinematic wish to see that in future :wink:

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