A very strange error occurs upon 'Any Damage Taken' event.

Fairly certain that this is due to my incompetency, but whenever I attempt to set up “any damage” event, this error appears. It says that the delays are the issue, but whether I remove them or not makes no difference (I have tried removing them twice now, the problem persists), because after all the delays are removed, it asks me to do the same with tracers (the ones I use for climbing detection), which have nothing to do with taking damage.

Manually setting the damage type taken on the other hand presented no such issues. Compiling shows no errors, they only ever appear once I run the game and collide with degen box/pain box.

I have yet to use any loop in my blueprints, which makes this sudden infinite loop appearing even stranger. I don’t know where it comes from, and I can only break it once I remove the event (Which is frustrating because I don’t know an alternative way of damaging the desired actor.).

Please help?