A tutorial about matinee

I have learned all I know about UE4 using their youtube videos, and as I was working, I needed to use matinees for my game.
I searched around and could not find much about it. The matinee example in the Learn tab also dint help much as it is quite complex. It answers questions like “Why is item X placed there”, when I want to know “How to place item X there”. I tried to experiment on my own, but met with no success. Also, I want to know how to integrate matinee in a game.
Eg. In the start of a game, I want a scene to take place, then when it is over, give control to the player(Third Person). I tried the Event Begin Play -> Play Matinee, but it does not work.
I can only create camera groups in matinee as that is all I need(A zoom of some item).
Eg2. Im playing a game(third person), and when I press F, a matinee starts and zooms into an object. I can then interact with the object as if it was a first person mode and when Im done with the object, I want to go back to third person mode.(Anyone who has played The Room will know).
So, could someone point me to somewhere with matinee tutorials(videos are preferable, though I will read if nessesary), though I can’t afford to spend money on it so no sites like Digital Tutors please.

Take a look at this video, it will teach you the basics of how to make a cutscene: :slight_smile:

Thanks, that helped.
Ok, what I want to know now, is how to stay at the end of the matinee until I click a specific button, cause this way, you play the matinee, and go back to initial position. I want to shift to the end of the matinee positon(Camera only, my player need not show) and then on pressing say Esc, go back to initial position