A theory / or help :) - editor vs standalone, world partition, memory issues 5.02 s-build

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There is this nice island for a project I’m working on.
It is nicely - world partitioned, have proxies established. Runtime - grid. You name it.
Using virtual runtime texture for my landscape. Lumen…
Landscape is 8161x8161 - 256 comps.
I locked my FPS to 60. We are talking abut 5.02 source build.

When i inspect it with stat detailed turns out my scene is eating away 15-20gigs of ram and around 20-30 of combined video memory.
Empty scene, with one giant ■■■ island…it just brakes my mind.

When i run the same thing as a standalone, well then its 2GB of ram and 5gb of videomemory.

And that difference really bugs me out, like i cannot eat, nor sleep, nor nothing. Maddening it is.

Theory A
I think there is some magic underhood the editor that is running, like its for some reasson rendering out the assets in the browser… i dont know just speculating.
But when in standalone there is no need for this “live” aproach to objecets as its not editor anymore.

Theory B
Its a bug. :smiley:


My case and my theory do they make sense to anyone or, or someone knows something i dont?


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