A team of animators looking for some advice


This may be the wrong place to ask this, and if so I kindly ask for your recommendation on where to ask this question. I have a dedicated team of animators who got together to make an app, ten in total. I also have two programers who are using the UNREAL game engine to program the app we want to make. I had a third person who was going to take point on programming for the game, but he bailed. The two people I have left are capable, hardworking, and ambitious individuals; but we need some guidance. So here is what I am asking:

Would any of you reading this be willing to act as a consultant/mentor who can check in once a week with the programmers I have to give basic input and make sure we are not missing anything. What we have is a level design, original assets, how we want the gameplay to go, maps, and all of that stuff. We are all college students doing this to grow in our skills and learn, so it is not paid, but you can get a title as lead programmer for when we are published at the end of Spring semester 2017. I have a marketing team who is going to help promote the app once we get it out, looking to have local papers pick up the story as well as other magazines. We are finalizing our website this month.

Any advice or help is greatly appreciated, no matter the level of commitment.