a "team" is wanted for creation of an online FPS game named Phase

All shooters gone P2W, died or they are just bad, or just csgo ripoff, so i decided to make a nice game with good graphics, gameplay and donate system which will not rape the game.

Myself i can only make a map, textures, models (also textured) and concept-arts. Never used to code something even using visual coding.
I can use the tutorials but i think i won’t go futher. I have nothing to pay you but a game which will not be P2W and players will be listened will soon become popular. The faster we make the game, the faster we will get profit, the less resources we use the better is that profit.

I decided to name it Phase [To be decided, indeed…]

I need atleast one visual/c++ programmer able to code all this to begin the project

>Its an FPS (arcade), not fast-paced
>Personal progress included, with unique reward system (kills + performance X k/d)
>Future setting, but no robot spam
>implants system, like faster running, lessen recoil, faster reloading, weapon replacements, ect. (i have a concept, dont worry)

By though it should include: [We can dismiss some ideas or add other]
>Character customization (almost none shooter has it, so why not)
>Cosmetics for both character and “paints” for guns (most basic are for in-game money, advanced only for real money)
>Balanced weapons, or make your own weapons (none shooters except Loadout, rip) [We will decide]
>No “sprays”. Recoil will be partly random.
>No P2W (only additional cosmetics and boosters can be bought for real money) [To be decided]
>8vs8,16vs16,32vs32 rooms (modes decide) maybe 64v64 if possible and if engine can handle all this.

I dont know how much coders and programmers a today’s shooter needs to be released pretty soon. We may accept all.
>Coders, programmers
>Mappers and map designers
and whoever elese is wanted later

Best way to contact me and each other is join this group in steam.
If you dont have a steam account you can quickly make it. Interface is easy.
You can work whenever you have free time. In group we will decide the future and leave “orders” (what to do) and your suggestions for game.

If you can offer your own ways to communicate write here or PM me.

Have fun