A Survey for a university student

Good evening Unreal community, I am a computer games design student studying at Teesside university, for a report I am doing I am gathering research into whether a genre of a game effects the way the levels are designed. If you would be willing to complete my survey it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

I’ll give it a go for you! Good luck on your report!

I always find it odd to see people writing essays on the most mundane things as a part of game development degrees, you would be much better off actually doing some game development than writing papers about nothing.

I must have to agree, at least for a B.A. I’ll eventually have to write be thesis paper in two years for my Masters and I’m curious what I’ll decide to write it on.

+1 … Hope you’re not going into debt for this course… @Kmanning5.

I’ve seen this request so many times that I have to ask is this a class assignment or can the student select their own topic?

I’ll answer the questioner but if you want a more focused group try asking here.

P.S. A topic I would love to read as a would be “How will today’s technology impact games ten years from now” :wink:

I answered your survey. Good luck. Also you can use one of the research paper writing services to get a detailed answer to all your questions.

I’m sorry I was too late to find your survey.