A super noob wanting to do a big project

Hi there everybody!

Here’s a super noob asking for some guidelines!

First of all, sorry if this is not the correct forum where to post this.

I want to make a simple/mini game related with architecture visualization. I want to recreate the school where I went when I was a kid, and with some simple triggers (passing through a portal for example), being able to “travel to the past” and visit how the school was on the past (it’s an aprox. 3000 m2 complex with a lot of history).

So, I’m new with Unreal and with 3D creation. I know there’s A-LOT of things that I have to learn. But I know that the first thing to do is the 3D models, so, wich program is the best to work with thinking on importing to Unreal Engine? I already have the 2D plans wich I made on Autocad, so if that program allows to import .cad files would be great. xD

Yes, it’s gonna be a long work, but it’s a project I long wanted to make, and I decided to begin to learn!

AutoCAD isn’t designed to work with game engines well, you would be better off using a program like Blender (free) or 3ds Max/Maya/Modo

Like with most things you want to start out simple and then go more complex–so layout the building first, you can do it in UE4 using BSP or you can do it in your 3D program, and then you would create your detailed 3D assets.

Import your cad plans in 3ds max. Use snap tools to build your 3d model on the 2d plans. Export to unreal.