A suggestion

It has been 9 months since I started using UE4. I have really liked UE4 but I noticed one thing that we have to repeat obvious things while making a new project. For example, If I plan to make 2d JRPG, I have to create health var for it,change sprite default movement to flying,keep in mind the difference between actor,pawn and character and a lot other things. Then, I have to also specify Potions,Enemies,NPCs etc. One day, I saw an engine which was a genre-specific one named RPG Maker. I gave a try to it and noticed that it was very fast in creating rpgs but it was only rpg-specific engine. I know that I need to do some hardwork to create a nice game but when I use UE4, it seems I am overpowered with features and it makes me feel like I am trying to create a small game in an engine capable of creating AAA titles. Coming to point, I want to say, that you can develop a small game engine,maybe with the name of Mini UE which will be useful for small indie groups who don’t want to make AAA games but small games. I am not criticizing UE, It is excellent, but it is meant for big dev teams.

Here are a few Ideas for Mini UE(if you are interested) :-

  1. First Take a look at RPGMaker by Kakodawa.
  2. On creating new project, mini UE should ask that what genre we are making game for, there would be also a custom option.(it would be similar to your tempaletes)
  3. For eg. We choose Platformer 2d , then It should create the basics for that, a default Player class with health,mana,coins and dps variables. A tileset for which we have to just insert our assets in and enemy classes with health and attack vars. Also it should have an option to add BG,coins, Level End Point and Main Menu (customizable)
  4. Please make the UI a little different then UE, take inspiration from Aseprite UI. It looks so cool.
  5. It would be better if Mini UE focus on 2d games only but it is your choice.
  6. Also add an option for sprites , Is affected by lights?
  7. Don’t forget to make variables for animations, Like the player would have 5 empty anim vars namely idle,walking,swimming,hurt and death.
  8. It would be proftitable for you also as a lot of indie devs don’t use UE because it is meant for AAA titles.
  9. You guys have big dev team, so MINI UE project would take upto a month only, and you can also regularly update that as well.

HOPE you like my idea and give a reply soon.
Don’t forget , I am NOT criticizing UE or Epic Games, You guys are amazing. :):slight_smile:

Basically what you want is for them to do most of the work for you, which isn’t reasonable since many developers could ask for the same thing for their types of games. The great thing about UE4 is that you can make anything with it.

Hmmm… I see a point in it, thanks… But the paper 2d feature in UE4 really needs some attention.