A Suggestion for your learning center

Hey Epic…I love the platform, and I am finally jumping in to start a project I’ve wanted to do for a long time. A quick suggestion…

Many of us have never done game design, programming, or anything related to your platform. I think the learning center has been improved over the past 6 months, however I still find that a lot of the tutorials are geared towards users who are somewhat knowledgeable about certain parts of design/programming. I like how you have put some examples with some of the items in blueprints, and would love to see more examples. Maybe even create a section of “Most requested” examples for things such as — time of day, countdown timers, moving actors around, etc.

The best way to learn is by the basics…maybe even consider committing a part of the learning center to a step by step tutorial which takes you though a basic build – something very simplistic and then add in 5-10 more things such build-on steps. I think you would have tremendous buy-in from the community. The easier we can learn the basics and get comfortable, the better projects we can create!

As I read though the forums everyday, there are tons of people with great ideas and those that response frequently with answers. I’m sure you’d have no problem getting assistance to create something like this.

Hi SeminoleNation,

Have you had a chance to peruse the UE4 tutorials on the Unreal Engine Youtube page? They’re pretty extensive, and hosted by our own Zak Parrish, who is a really fantastic teacher. It sounds like this is the sort of thing you are asking for, thoughts?

EDIT: I have also been given the wiki page for our tutorials, which may be an even better way to navigate the various topics than trying to use Youtube. See if either of these has what you need.