a suggestion and an idea


having used ue4 since it was called rocket, then abandoning it for known reasons i started using another engine that better suits my needs.
i do plan on coming back to ue4 in the future when certain issues are addressed so here are a couple of things (incorporated in the engine i am using) that would be good to see in ue4.

a pretty obvious oversight that could easily be rectified, gravity, or more specifically gravity direction.
atm gravity starts off in the engine as a vector, then pretty quickly it is overridden by a float representing Z, obliterating x and y. this is quite restrictive and totally unnecessary. of course someone can take the time to change it back to a vector in their own engine build, but why is it like that in the first place?
sure for say a Character this is normal and expected, and could even stay that way, but for a Pawn and everything else it should still be a vector.
in the other engine changing gravity is as easy as:
and everything instantly acts accordingly and is wonderful to see and so much easier to do.

so please consider changing gravity back to a vector.

in editor scripting.
after using ue4 with its own brand of c++, being able to use a simple scripting language such as c# and lua in editor is simply sent down from heaven.
i know there are community efforts to support other languages but an ‘in editor’ version would probably need some support from Epic.
as i see it, perhaps a blueprint node would be the way to go, so you can hook up a graph to fire a particular script, that can be edited without exiting the editor and therefore breaking any workflow/train of thought you might have going on.

please consider this, without doubt there is a need for it.

thanks for listening.
keep up the good work and happy new year! everyone @Epic :slight_smile:

(@haters, no please thank you)

Thanks for the suggestions!

Changing gravity to be a vector throughout is certainly something we want to do. We just haven’t had a chance yet. Ideally it would also work with Characters, and we would also add support for arbitrary orientation for characters, to allow walking on walls and ceilings. That will take more work though. We also want to allow volumes to override this gravity vector.

I can certainly see the value of editing script right in the editor. It is a very large task to undertake though, writing a decent code editor is a big job! Right now our focus is on improving the C++ workflow that we already have (compile times, hot reload features etc). I think at some point we would like to show C++ source files in the content browser for example, to make it easier to see all the ‘parts’ of your project. I am still excited about supporting the community in adding support for more scripting languages to the engine, and we’ll certainly help there where we can and see where it leads.