A strange sphere on glass

I should start by saying I’m quite new to UE, it has been around 1 month learning everyday.

My problem is that on some windows in one side I get a strange sphere that I don’t know where it comes from and from the other side of the glass I get distortion like A LOT of refraction.
The strange things is that when I’m on lit mode everything seems fine, but it all happens when I go into path tracing mode.
I have compared the material settings to other windows and the glass material is the same, the meshes have the same settings. I really searched for answers but without any luck.

I have disabled the sphere reflections and its still the same. I also made sure the mesh has volume and in the original software all faces are facing the exterior.

Thank you in advance for any assistance :slight_smile:
Pedro Nascimento

Below is an image where I have some screenshots, on the left in LIT MODE and on the right PATH TRACING MODE

The window with 3 glasses is fine on both sides, the 2 glass window I see a sphere on the outside and in the 1 glass window I see the sphere inside.

Have you read about the Path Tracer? If I recall correctly, it generates spheres to display data of refraction, and it’s also a noise-heavy mode. It’s basically a visualization mode, and not a final render mode. Look it up in the docs and it describes and explains a bit about it. The non-Path Tracer screenshots look excellent.