A Star Grid Pathfinding

Hi Dirtsleeper,

Its possible you path isn’t able to complete. That happens to me when I’ve done this. Have you tried stepping through the execution and finding where it loops?



I’m trying to implement A* pathfinding but i keep getting an infinite loop error.

Yea right when it crashes with the infinite loop error, it returns the correct path. I had it working then i don’t know what happened.

You could try adding a check to the CurrentTile, check if it doesn’t change in a few recursions. Then this will allow you to exhaust your script to prevent loops. Possibly then you could try building a path to the point where it failed. You could do this after the CurrentTile is checked with the Goal. Just an idea.

I got the same when build 3d-grid.
Try to increase Project Settings → Engine → General Settings → Bluprints → Maximum Loop Iteration Count