A specified ceiling from UE4

Hi everyone I am new here and I’m just begining my Path with Unreal Engine.
Can I make s ceilling like in the picture using Unreal and the starting kit?
Sorry for the big image. I couldn’t find a smaller one.

It may be possible to make that using CSG/BSP additive and subtractive brushes, and there may be a brick material that is close enough to what you want.
However, in general, Unreal is all about how you put different pieces together. The actual pieces themselves are typically built in a modeling tool like Maya, 3ds , or Blender.
Similarly, textures (used for materials) are painted in Photoshop, or perhaps built in a tool like Substance Designer.

No. You would need a 3rd party application to create static meshes for the geometry. There are probably acceptable textures in the various Epic content.
There is no way you could create a whole building like this from BSP.
The free 3d software package Blender has come a long way and is capable of creating this type of scene although its interface is still… lacking
Maya now has a subscription plan that is within reach of many hobbyists.

As the other already mentioned, it’s better when you use a 3d program for such a kind of mesh.
Here is a good beginner tutorial for blender -> It will explain you everything that you need to know :slight_smile: