A sound just starts playing at a location on my map. Did not put anything there to play. What can be the problem?

I have elevator sound setup in blueprint with a collision box, when you start the elevator to go up or down it plays a elevator sound. But this sound just start to play at a certain point in the map. Not always at the same point but the same area. Not even near the elevator. I have looked through my World outliner and cannot find any extra blueprints that I misplaced. What can it be?

Hi, This is the blueprint ElevatorSound. I did not cast to the player. Maybe one of the AI trigger it then.

Did you cast to the player in the collision check? If not, any other actor could be triggering the sound.

Also, the location pin on all of the sound playing nodes will have no effect ( ie, it will always sound right where you are ), unless you have defined sound attenuation.