A sort of bounding box for Spot Light?


I have a building with 10 floors and multiple room for each floor. All lights and objects need to be dynamic (moveable).

So to fake GI I’ve put a spot light over every window. Because some room is very “long” (on the perpendicular axis of the window) The attenuation radius of these room’s spotlight is quite big.

This made my scene very slow to calculate because of lights intersections between upper and lower floors.

So my point is: is there any way (like a bounding box) to limitate the area that need to be calculated (the single room) with his spotlight so I can not need to reduce atenuation radius leaving unlit a part of the room?

Thank you

If all of your lights are movable then you don’t need to calculate lighting

I think you misunderstood the word “calculate”. I’m not saying “baking with lightmass”. I used “calculate” as exactly what it means: do some math operation to get an output from an input. Because gpu has to make operation to show you the final result with light applied on it, like for everything else.

Could you just use a couple of smaller spot lights per room instead of a giant one?