A Sneek peek of the trailer - Part 2 (WIP Survival-Horror Games Co-Op)

The video was recorded directly from the Alpha playable build of the game

The content you see in the video (Graphics, Assets, Animations, Sounds) may change closer to the release of the game. Enjoy your watching


Greetings, @HeyRisen; I hope you and your team are doing well. I can’t decide which sneak peek trailer has me more excited to play “Nowhere: Mysterious Artifacts,” the one you just shared, or the 10-second teaser from before! Either way, 2023 looks like an excellent year for the survival-horror genre. Thanks to you and your team for all your hard work and for keeping us updated on your progress! :grin:

As excited as I am to see more, I’m also a little weary. Knowing the horror element will show up sometime makes every tree shrouded in mist a little bit spookier.

Truly can’t wait to see other updates. Happy developing :slight_smile:

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This is super exciting, congrats! I loved the mood of the teaser, looking forward knowing more about the game!

Great work!

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