a Small idea, Big Problems


In my game, i want that when my character dies, when he collides too violenty with an objects of a certain class that

  • The static mesh is replaced by the destructible mesh
  • a Radialforce + explosion is triggered -> DONE
  • A Matinee actor start at the position where the ship is and make a small cinematic, then the camera go away and show a screen with score (everything is moved relatively)

Is it possible .?

Bump please

I don’t think this is the right section for this. Ask in the Blueprint scripting section. However, what you are asking shouldn’t be too hard.
Just create a condition for when your character’s health equals 0 and then replace your character with a destructible mesh, then apply the radial force and play a particle effect for the explosion and then get your character’s position vector and link it to the Play Matinee node. Within the Matinee you could make a score show up.

Yeah but the thing is that, how to replace my Character (mesh) with the static mesh’s version then trigger a matinee sequence relative to the position

You could try destroying the character (un-possessing it as well) and spawn in your fractured mesh. I’d use a separate blueprint for the fractured mesh so it can handle the force actor at creation. After that is complete you can spawn in another character then re-possess it. There is a good tutorial on this if you search for multiplayer respawning or when it comes to possessing different pawns.

Nice idea, i’ll take a look at that, and for respawning, it’ll be a level reloading, it’s a small game, for the alpha it’ll do it ^^
I Also have another question here, crucial for me Why my ship does not collide ? - UE4 AnswerHub
Please tell me there is a workaround, like making a cube as root or something