A simple way to have an animated loading screen with OpenLevel

Please, the best options for an animated loading screen are these and all of them have several drawbacks.
One of them needs Slate.

I made a tutorial on this a while back, but I don’t know how well it still works. The basic gist was as follows:

-Make a persistent level with nothing in it other than what your loading screen will include (UMG stuff or 3d stuff, etc etc). If you’re using 3d stuff, shove it in an area that’s way out of the actual level bounds
-Make your actual level within a sub level
-Use some logic within your persistent level BP to trigger the streaming of the sub level
-When it’s finished loading, make it visible and it will execute the sublevel BP to hide/destroy the rest of the actors

So basically, when the map change happens, it will load up the small amount needed for the “loading screen,” load the level in the background, show the level when finished, and you’re good to go. You can switch controllers or pawns or w/e you’d like. In the clip below, I have an actor that has input controls to swing/zoom a camera boom around the particles. Once the real level loads, it will switch things around to the regular character/controls.

Here’s a sample of it working and I have a tutorial series on the channel as well. Should have the link to the forum post on them: