A simple question regarding moving static meshes


I have got a simple question regarding moving static meshes and performance.

This is a simple BP Actor with a static mesh and I want it to appear to move, From X location to Y location based on player distance from the mesh. The three ways I can imagine it to happen is -

  1. Using a “move component to” node. (Triggered by a box collision) (Physics moving but no constant calculations)
  2. Using a timeline to move it. (Triggered by a box collision) (Physics moving but no constant calculations)
  3. Using materials to move it. (By using world position offset) (Physics static but I would assume constant calculation of material)

So, which of the following three methods would be the best (performance wise) considering this has to happen on a mobile device. I do not care about physics interaction, I just want the mesh to move/appear to move relative to the player distance from the static mesh

Thank you for your help in advance.

Have you considered using the FInterpTo node? Or simply changing the static mesh’s location?

Yes, I have. I know there are multiple ways to make a static mesh change its location. I want to know what is the most performance friendly way with mobile devices. I hope you understand my POV. TY for the reply though.

I’d say the absolute fastest is doing it in C++, but if you’re doint it in blueprint, just use the MoveComponentTo node :slight_smile:

Alright, I’ll do it in CPP. I was just wanting to do it in BP as I thought it is a small thing and also was feeling lazy. But still, a resolute answer from someone would be nice :slight_smile: I was really pondering about using a material to make it appear to move and whether it would be a better option than the other mentioned above.