A Simple Prototype towards Paragon Assets

Hello Guys

When I did the following video

I wanted to create something with the Paragon Assets that have been released.

Now i thought to my self since I didn´t do anything for a long time for the community that I will start out to do a small series that is inspired by that video.

Generally it will be mechanically RPG inspired and very simple, but will use a different approach to Health and build upon that.

From there I will include the Paragon Assets again.

On each Intermission (first one Part VII) step I will release my state of the project so people can pick-up where they feel their level is. It starts not on a fully beginner level, since basics should be known but is nearly not even intermediate and will than go slowly into advanced.

Those are currently the contents Tutorial Start** with initial Project**](

  • Part I
  • Selection of AI and Item through simple targeting by camera
  • Part II
  • Damage System
  • Player Ability - Direct Attack
  • Part III
  • Health/Regeneration System
  • Part IV
  • Energy System
  • Energy Orb Pickup
  • Part V
  • Applying Damage to Health on AI and Player
  • Part VI
  • Unreal Motion Graphics Layer
  • Part VII - Intermission I (Project Download so far)
  • Debugging & Testing
  • Part VIII
  • AI Behavior - Setup & Movement
  • Part IX (17.05)
  • AI Behavior - Melee Attack
  • Part XI (19.05)
  • AI Behavior - Charge Attack
  • Part XII (21.05)
  • AI Behavior - Range Attack
  • Part XIII - Intermission II (23.05)
  • Debugging & Testing

Next but not all

  • Paragon Part I
  • Data Layer for Stats
  • Balancing our Stats
  • Starting to move selected mechanics to C++