a simple inventory system and stats system using umg?

Ive been messing around with UMG and so far gotten most of my set up all done. but i cant seem to find anything new since 4.5 on setting up stats or a inventory system with UMG since alot of the nodes have been changed. anyone know any good tut’s or even have already figured this out. It would help me out alot this is my last bases i need for a simple rpg system. so i can port my stuff over from unity.

any and all help would be great thanks

I did a small version of this. However it should work in the large scale.

I use a blueprint for the items. It includes a mesh, icon and stats. This works as parent for all items which will be created.

For each item I created a new child, set the icon mesh and variables.

Back then UMG wasn’t really a thing so I used the HUD class but in there I simply got all items inside of the character inventory array consisting of items and for each I printed the icon of it into an inventory. 5 a row via modulo.

So far I didn’t had it working with the mesh (though it exists so that shouldn’t be a problem) nor did I make the inventory scrolling but that shouldn’t be a problem either.

DISCLAIMER: I have no idea how good this way actually is or how fast it is. There may very well be a lot better ways.

any chance you can post what you did so i i can try to build off it an convert it to umg ? if you are willing and got the time?

nvm got a tut on a inventory system and i think i can work out a stat system my self thanks