A simple but realistic tank track i made

I watched some tutorial, some people said you have to do a raycast and then animate the gears, its a painfull process, i have made it that way but at the end i found a way to do it without any animation system, but ill propably will have to animate the gear later…


So the track did not use ani animation or code !

Its not finished but it look quite good, i could add 4 wheels to add more grip ( i don t use wheel ), for now i use add force to make it move and counter force on Y to make it look not driving on ice ( could add more )

I could show you how i made it if anyone has any interest


Im using add force with accel change checked, and add torque to turn
the tank drive on the gear colliders than i have set up in the physic asset
Here you can see the tank gears issue ( mass = 50 000 kg) , i cannot figure out how to remove any angular move
For the rest im pretty happy exept a odd bug i have to fix, and im actually converting it to be possesed in multiplayer

Im interesed^^ how it looks now?