A Showcase of My Meta-Humans [Set1]

A Showcase of My Meta-Humans (Set 1)

:wave: Hello there!
Hope this finds you in high spirits!

I’m thrilled to share a glimpse of my exciting collection of meta-human characters in this video. You’ll get to meet intriguing characters like Valerie, and the latest addition to my repertoire, Liam. I hope to design characters that boast of versatility, enabling developers to weave their own unique narratives.

A Quick Snapshot of Sensai

Collection Video Review

In time, I hope to add these dynamic characters to my Epic Marketplace Store. All it takes is carving out a bit of time from my schedule to include them in, lol. And what’s more, I am eagerly looking forward to Meta-Humans becoming compatible with UEFN! It would be so great to share these with the community and see what they create with them!

Thank you for taking the time to view my collection!
Looking forward to sharing more!

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