A shark behavior question

I want to build a shark behavior model like this:
a. 3 points random cruises , path must be curve
b. The shark will calling by an event at some where at anytime
c. After event, the shark go back continue 3 points cruising
Need ideas,thanks!

need help~~:eek:

i would like to know how to do this too

bump because i am really interested in this

There’s a community ocean project going on in some other part of the forums. They’ve got some basic fish ai, but as far as I know it’s all/mostly in C++.

Here’s a link to the fish part, I think.

I’d be very interested in finding out how it would be done with blueprints.

There might be some help here. I haven’t had time to investigate this yet myself as much as I’d like.

I will try the demo:)