A scene from the play Batman

Hi everyone
Today I built a working prototype of a new forum to let you all in terms of precipitation body

looking really amazing, cant wait to see updates

Looking like a good start, but it’s in the wrong section -> it should be in Work-in-progress:

Who told you that it is an incomplete project?!

It’s still much work to friends
Thank you because of your comment

This is finished? Too me it looks half done. Along with that I dont understand what you mean in your wording, Could you explain to us what you mean?

p.s Sig is huge and annoying.

I was going to say the same thing, but I thought it was just me it was bugging.

@khazande - The fact that you called it a Prototype heavily hints that it’s not finished. What is it? Is it a map or a game or what?

This is not a game
This is just a scene from a Batman game
Has not yet been completed and the project was more than fifty percent
Just do not mistake

Then it needs to be in the Work in Progress forum.

This is a recent photo of the same tree next to the house is Batman Now I got to fix it

As I said, this needs to be in the Work In Progress forum.

ok …

You’ve got to do more follow the link below:

Batman would be proud.

:smiley: yes , he probably would .

Please shrink that signature lol. The Batman scene looks nice though.

I don’t think this is completed. It should be moved to the WIP forum.

Hi everyone I played well today I made a piece

I still do not understand that Sig? Anyways looking good but in wrong section.

Hello dear friend
Subject yourself to move into the correct place