A S/lightly Out-Of-Place Question

:slight_smile: Hey everyone-

Relatively new to Unreal Engine and need help with something…

I’m trying to create a scene for a 3D animation film that I am working on. The scene takes place in a cemetery during the daylight hours and one of the characters is supposed to be kneeling in front of the gravesite. Below is what he looks like {btw this is a png}:

Said character was created using Adobe Fuse. Uploaded to Mixamo and downloaded from there. So here’s the problem. Mixamo doesn’t allow character figures to be downloaded as OBJ {ie Wavefront} and I ended up downloading said character as an FBX file. And then Photoshop doesn’t accept FBX. Trying to upload my character to UE and convert it to OBJ {and just build the scene with UE if that isn’t possible with the character added}. Problem is that whenever you start a new project in Unreal then you get these default scenes. So now…how do you get rid of them and put your own scenes {and characters assets} in??

Another thing. One of the things that I worry about with this is that this character {as you can see} is already painted and I want to scale him to about 18 inches in height. When I tried to load him into both Unity and Blender he comes out unpainted and tiny. In addition to that with Blender you have this annoying square object that acts as a filter.

Any ideas on this?
Get back to me,