A RPG System Cheatsheet (image only)


Today due to some troubles I’ve come back to my project completelly lost about what’s next?
This lead me to make this image that in some way did helped on at least “get back to track/decide what to do”.

Since I didn’t found anything alike on google… Here we go.

Well, the arrows are just a reference, replace them to fit your needs.



if you need to remember something like this you could use Trello
or create UML Diagramms that contain all your logic + variables and methods.

So if you come back after a large break, you can see what your classes should
look like in the UML Diagramm and also check what was next on the list
on your Trello account (:

Thanks by the suggestion eXi, UML would be a nice replacement, I’ve tried trello, but that vertical list visualization sort of “enforces” you to get a column and go til the end, also you need “open” a card to see where it depends on.
Trello is great when you know “exactly” what need to be done (on a by system/theme scheme as U4 roadmap), but to see relationship between “non-clearly related” things I needed something more “fast and visual”. :smiley: