A revert back option where you can set the new gui back to unreal ed 3 GUI

Would be nice first thing I noticed is the gui interface was like working in adobe flash! To app like. seems it has lost the CAD Level Building Feel
and with that said NICE all the changes are nice layout but with seasoned designers to me seemed like opening adobe Flash and not Unreal Ed Level Designer

And an Option where you can use a video camera or Professional Camera to take photos or video of say{example} a street block be able to load the building or street into the GUI and have the engine render it in 3d. as completing the geometry shape for you also hollowing the inside out option so you can build inside if you want seems that would take away a lot of GUI time at the windshield
sky box looks sweet no horizon boxy lines nice

but the CAD GUI feel is really being removed it seems

as seen on a Asus N56vm using the GeForce 630m

the bots don’t stutter any more at first launch with WASD keys seems more seamless
camera moves real smooth
your unreal app TOTALLY AWESOME! how everything is now at your finger tips in one app nice work guys and gals
the bot kills seem more realistic
and your code monkey’s hard work is shining through
and having content you can purchase through an official site Very Nice

Please bring back the Unreal Cad GUI PLEASE

It even ran on the intel hd4000 LOL
tried like hell to get it to crash no success

I give your new Engine A 10 Thumbs Up even running with all glam turned on it was still smooth

Only thing I seen wrong and needs attention is a Sharpness rendering filter the world looked kind of foggy like there may be a glitch in the over all world fog code
like clarity is missing from the rendering

Very Nice Epic
buyable content awesome