A Request - Traces for specific class or classes

Hey. We have traces for different channels and layers, so to speak but I think it would be really helpful if we had a trace that only detected specific classes and such. I know you can just check in the results if a class is a child class or that class itself from results I do not know however if after that casting for one or many is really expensive. I think it would be good if we had trace functions for only if specific actor or such classes were found.

Have you tried tracing for objects or using actor tags? Neither requires casting.

This is what I was using before. It’s using objects but it doesn’t let you go as far as just actor classes.

Not sure if comparing classes in hit result counts as casting and what are the performance implications. Judging by how (slow) blueprints work in general, I’d like to think this is negligible unless you’re going into 1000s every frame. I’m not suggesting sloppy coding here, though.

See if you can work with tags then, not exactly what you’re requesting but might be worth a try.

If you’re requesting an official feature, you’ll have more luck in here: