A remark about getting trough "Customize a Pawn" tutorial

I am new to Unreal Engine and of course I have started with tutorials. However I was surprised how hard it was to go trough the “Customize a Pawn” tutorial. I am using UE 4.20.3 with Visual Studio 2017.
I perform instructions described here and get into problems. First are missing headers. Some headers (f.e. Camera/CameraComponent.h) should be included and is not mentioned in the tutorial. Then a problem with UStaticMeshComponent* casting which I think can be solved by adding a proper header (which is not mentioned as well). After that The project compiles in VS but in UE it generates a problem with OurVisibleComponent which is described here Customize a Pawn Tutorial OurVisibleComponent Error - UE4 AnswerHub

Then an error that MyPawn.h should be the first header included (which again is not mentioned in tutorial, and the code presneted in the tutorial has it different).

Why there are so many glitches in such a basic tutorial?