a real fps tamplate

when i see FPS template i disappointed so much
because its not ready at all
i want a fps template have shootergame features and all is blueprint so i can easy edit it and understand it
((shootergame is C++ we cant edit it inside UE4))
whats the point of making fps template needs alot of work
all fps games mostly has the same features why we all should go through the base development of the same features.
and even there is not a tutorial of making the weapons BP.
i think as fps developer i want to take my time by making the characters and the story
but i cant even finish the basic character BP
there is alot of things to do like the impacts and VFX
i need to focus on the game itself not the basic stuff

it should be a real template like what cryengine do (i work 4 months on it)

You can edit the shooter game example inside the UE4 editor, also you can mix C++ and blueprints just so you know…

I would suggest making your own from scratch though, it’s the best way to learn and to be honest making games is a lot of work. If you search a little harder you will find many tutorials on making weapon blueprints. Stop being lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

u cant edit the references i tried already now i have to learn C++
the issue is its wasting of time
i should focus on the story and othor things

If you want to get started fleshing out a story, blocking out environments and other basic aspects, the Blueprint version of the FPS template is more than enough.

If you’re looking for a complete FPS weapon and inventory system, along with animations, FX, sounds etc, visit the Got Skills Looking for Talent and Marketplace areas of this forum.