A rare bug in Widget Blueprint?

Thank you UE4 and the community for making this such an amazing engine for the amazing developers to make amazing things!
I’ll jump right onto the issue.

-Created an empty project just to replicate the issue.
-Have a BP Actor at the level that has a Widget Component, Static Mesh, and a Text Render.
-Using a BP Interface to communicate between BP Actor and the BP Widget. (Things setup as supposedly)
-Widget Component in the Actor is Visible and Hidden in Game.
-Static Mesh is set to unhide the widget “On Clicked” only.

Here’s the weird issue.
Everything works fine, however, every Event in the BP Widget is fired when it’s unhid.
Switch the unhide Widget Component to set Visibility instead, the issue is the same.

The only event at Event Construct in the Widget BP is Print String. It’s fired as supposedly, though the other Events that are not connected to the Event Construct fire as well.
Is this what it is supposed as in the Widget BP?

Here’s the BP setup:

Hope to see a fix for this soon if this is actually a bug and meanwhile, I’ll seek to work around it.

Thank you for any feedback in advance!