A.R.T question

Guys I apologize for what I’m sure is a noob question here…

I’m a programmer prototyping a game. I usually use free assets with some modification to do so but I decided to try my hand at some asset creation, also thought it would be a good way to learn about the other side. Really like A.R.T thus far but I’ve been running in to some issues and I can’t seem to track down others that may have had the same. Trying to make some basic motion animations for a character and I’ve saved all the poses out using the tools but when I try to load them in mirrored the arms never seem to mirror properly. Arms that were casually hanging at the side suddenly resemble more of a t-pose after being mirrored. Without being mirrored they come in fine.

Again, I’m sure it’s something stupid I’m not aware of but any help would be greatly appreciated, just want to import my crappy model with his crappy textures and animate like a stiff…:smiley:

So a quick update, does the same thing with legs. It’s not mirroring on y it feels like it’s just copying the same values.