A.R.T problems

Dear Epic Games
i downloaded Unreal Engine and Downloaded the Maya A.R.T (Animation and Rigging tools) so i can make my own Dragon ball game so i wanted to crreate the characters so i opened your youtube channel i opened one of the videos on the A.R.T so it told me the i need to install it so opened the website and i did as written but there wasn’t a folder about anything related to UE in my documents folder so please make a video about that cause i’m not the only one who have a problem with the A.R.T installation
yours Super vegito5

i think you need Maya installed on your pc in order to use ART, no?

I have Maya 2016 and Maya 2017 on my computer. I installed the ART tools, and after doing quite a bit of work on a character in Advanced Skeleton tools. I opened the ART tools. Because of the Z-Up transition making things I worked on difficult to access, I deleted the tools from my Maya setup. I am now trying to start a character from scratch using the ART tools, and I cannot get the tools to install at all. I am sure it has something to do with deleting them ,an now that will not re-install. Do you know a work-around to this issue?