A.R.T. plugin for Blender ( REQUEST)

Hi. Recently, Epic Games announced Animation and Rigging Toolkit plugin for Maya. I have contacted them to ask if a Blender version of their plugin is possible. They said they don’t have a timeframe, but with community access to their C++ source code, this might happen sooner than they think it will.

So…is someone interested to develop an A.R.T. version for Blender?

I have also opened a similar thread here

I have a few questions regarding this:

  1. This is a Maya plugin. It is written in MEL or Python?
  2. Where to download? This plugin is installed automaticly when you install the Unreal Editor or it is separated, bundled with the C++ source code?
  3. What are the steps to install this plugin to Maya?
  4. What is the default install location for the plugin?
  1. Python.
  2. It’s downloaded by the launcher to your engine installation under the …/Engine/Extras/ folder.
  3. Instructions are included with the tool.
  4. See #2.