A.R.T Fk & Ik character rig mirroring

Hi everyone,

I have a question but first: At the moment I’m working on a project and I’m making a whole load of different animations but all the animations that I am making are all lets say right handed and I would like a left handed set of animations too. For exp: I’ve made a character that shoots a gun with his right arm though I also want him to shoot with his left arm. How would I do such a thing?

What I have tried is:

Saving the animation as a pose and then reloading it with the mirror option < didnt work bugged like hell.
Maya bonus tools < also nothing the rig just rotated 90* or bugged as well.
placing the rigged character in a group of 3D object and then -1 scale < mesh issues.

If anyone could explain this to me that would be great!

Video tutorial would be even better! The simpeler the better of course.

I’m Using Maya 2016.

Thank you very much, James. :confused:

Under the bonus tools of Maya there is an option for mirroring animations

Maya Bonus Tools Mirroring Animations

That kinda sounds like he already tried that one mate.

However, I also suggest you have an other go at the tool with some setting variations, or show us the actual spaces the objects to mirror are in by making a screenshot of the control hierarchy in the outliner and their transforms in the channelbox.