A.R.T. first person setup?

Hi there,

Just getting started with A.R.T. and so far it’s been awesome. Big kudos for releasing and supporting! Nothing out there this robust.

I’m trying to build out a new first person rig similar to the one provided in the sample content in game. Is there a particular method to do this with the current tool? I was thinking of just setting the portions not needed (legs, torso, etc.) to ‘0’ in the skeleton builder. However a zero value won’t take. Is there some other way right now to safely delete limb portions or ignore them on export to get to a traditional arms-only 1P rig?


Hi There!

I’m so sorry for the late response! We’ve been totally swamped here. I really appreciate you taking the time to check out the tools!

What I think I would do in this situation is create the character as if it were a biped, and when you export your fbx to the engine, at that point, you could remove any joints you didn’t want. If you’re curious about that, I’ve got a video here:
ART to UE4

However, there isn’t any harm in leaving the joints there on export as well. If no meshes are weighted to them, and the animation curves for those joints are flat, you’re not going to be adding much, if anything, to your performance and memory concerns…