A.R.T. , Clavicle weirdness

I’ve been using ART for quite a while now, and suddenly, The behaviour of some controller changed. And all my characters now behave differently.
The best example is the clavicle controller, wich can now move completely freely, wich didn’t use to be the case

I need my life saved, please.

The clavicle controller behaviour is normal, you can move them in all axis, but in theory you will just move them up/down most of the time.

Maybe I could’ve taken better screenshots, sorry

There, that’s more visible.
I’m pretty sure it used to behave differently, with a limited range and angle, more faithful to regular human anatomy.

Tested, same results as yours.

Honestly I used the clavicles controller not that often, so I can’t tell if this is a new behaviour or not, but since ART hasn’t been updated in very long time, I think that what you’re experiencing has always supposed to behave like this.
In theory the clavicle controller should only affect the the angle, so is quite weird that you can literally shift the entire arm inside the body.

I guess that the developer added this ( and many other ) functionality to have the control rig to be as flexible as possible, considering that you can also do stretch and “non human” things.

Have you tried ART V2? is not Jeremy Ernst blog, but I still have to test it.

Ok, thanks for your time. It’s weird, I really remember it working differently, but I may be wrong.

I ran quick tests with art V2 but the alpha state scares me a bit. When something doesn’t want to work, you’re just pretty much fucked.
Seems great though I hope it’ll be finished one day.
In the meantime, I may experiment with other solutions, if I can find robust ones with good documentation, and an active community around.

Thanks again.