A quick thanks.

I am a software engineer. I have about 13 years of experience and I have wanted to create my own game ever since I was a kid, jamming out with basic on the rubber keys of a spectrum. I grew up, went into software and got addicted to my job, I never had the time it takes to properly invest in a personal games development project. I subscribed to the Unreal Engine about 6 months ago and have spent every spare moment I have had, following tutorials and having a go at my own little levels. Unreal Engine has really changed how I feel about my personal life as it has given me the chance to really get my teeth into something that I have been hungry for ever since I was little.

This week I will begin development of a game that I intend to bring to market some day. Its been an amazing journey so far.

Hi LeamDelaney,

I’m happy to hear you are having a great experience with the engine. I look forward to seeing what you come up with when your game is finally released. Make sure to keep us up to date in the Works in Progress forums so we can check out what you have going on!

Good thread :smiley:

Awesome post LeamDelaney! UE4 is a buffet full of bytes and nodes that any software guy can dream of :wink:

Have fun with your Gamedev!

Thanks again, I still have a lot to learn, so expect many silly questions on the forums from me in the coming months!