A quick question about HTML5 on Wii U functionality

I’m new to game development so this is a noob kind of question so cut me some slack, but if the Wii U supports HTML5 as stated on the Wii U developer page, than who is to say I couldn’t publish my UE4 game to HTML and then publish that onto the Wii U? I know it most likely isn’t possible because nobody has done it yet, but I’m curious as to why it cannot be done.

Hey r4rev2,

Wii U uses a browser called NetFront NX. This particular browser does support a lot of HTML5 features however, it does not support WebGL. With that being said, UE4 is never going to work on this web browser due to the browser not supporting WebGL. Without WebGL, there simply are no graphics.

I hope this information helps. Have a great weekend! :slight_smile:

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