A quick overview of the 2D tilemap tools in UE 4.7

Just a little explanation of the current state of the tools and how they work. Hopjng to do a video series of how to put a whole project together. Feedback welcome!

Please, say me how to use it with 2D character? How to add collisions to objects on TileMap?

I know to solved it. I set collision boxes behind of tilemaps objects

This looks great, however you don’t seem to add collision in your video. In the new ue4.8p1 editor there are more options under the Tile Set editor window for adding custom collision. I tried it out but the work flow is really bad since it is really lagging for starters. You cant select several tiles and bulk edit them with a property matrix or similar. Additionally, I am kind of uncertain as to whether ue4 would lump contiguous areas of collision together for performance reasons.

Did you try the new editor?