A Question Regarding Aurora's Glacial Charge skill

Hello everyone,
i hope you all doing fine.
i wanted to ask a question regarding aurora’s glacial charge
you can see the skill here
how can be something like this done ?
like how to create this ummm what do you call it ? a dynamic mesh ?
like it’s created depending on the area in-front of her
can any one point me to the right direction if i want to create something exactly like this skill
thanks in advance.

Hi @HashemShepard

If you mean the bridge that can become a ramp, and the ice ring that follow the ground , its simple!

You can work in two ways.
1:Use a lot of raycast to determine the space avaible and the landing point of the magic.
you create a loop to cast a lot of rays to find if in front of the girl is empty, and if there is ground, ,and if there is a landing point where he clicked.
If there is no High_place on the landing point, create the bridge Horizontally,if there is , create the bridge with the right inclination…
If the space is not adapt, there is a wall or the ground end, you can choose what to do . dont create bridge / creatae bridge broken…

2:Create an intelligent magic that once casted, try to follow some rules to reach the goal.
The actor of the Magic is spawned and he create the first meshice, than check if the next step is ok, and create the next…
If something change he try to adapt, the ground is a little over, a little lower,spawn higher or lower…

thanks for your reply , i thought of the second method , but i dont know how to make the step check the height of the next step

You have to work a little with vectors , and “local vectors” like actor-forward
to cast a ray , from a point in the world, to another point in the world, and get if there is a collision with something
Here a Very good start
Once you find the impact point, you can spawn your next mesh there and repeat the process again and again

okay thanks , i’ll look into this
i’m still open to any ideas if someone has any

Still Stuck a little , if someone has any ideas