A question about unreal build system: how to add new header search path? (Mac ver)

Hi friends:
I’m trying to use opencv in unreal xcode project, before that I’ve successfully installed opencv and make it operational under a simple xcode c++ console project
But in unreal xcode project, it always said:
my xcode project is generated by Unreal Editor, so the config panel looks like this:
As you can see I’ve fill the HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS with value: /usr/local/include, with is the position of opencv’s headers. However, the build system still cannot find my opencv headers, I even add /usr/local/include into the USER_HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS and turn on ALWAYS_SEARCH_USER_PATHS, the same problem still occurs.
I think the way to config a xcode project generated by unreal editor is quite different from configuring a typicall C++ xcode project since it uses its own build script, so can someone tell how to let the unreal build system know I’ve added a new header_search_path and recognize my new added headers?



Unreal projects are built with UnrealBuildTool, which manages all the dependencies. Each module has an xxx.build.cs file which lives in the Source folder. These are written in C# so be careful modifying them. To add an include path you need to modify the PrivateIncludePaths collection like this:

PrivateIncludePaths.Add(Path.Combine("ScriptPlugin", "lua-5.2.3", "src"));

Look in Programs > UnrealBuildTool > System > RulesCompiler.cs for the complete list of settings you can modify.

Is this still true? I added “/usr/local/include” to my Build.cs file:


new string] {



// … add other private include paths required here …



But still, it didnt help.

Any idea?