A question about the default resources in the demo projects.

First, am i allowed to use the resources provided with the demo projects (ie: Platformer, Shooter, RPG templates – NOT the “new project” starters) in media that i produce? If so what restrictions if any would be applicable?

Second, is there a single aggregated resource directory that i can find all demo project resources in? If not does anyone know of a download that would provide them all?

2b - Other than those resources mentioned above, are there any freely available “packs” of resources such as basic buildings, shrubbery, or anything?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.


please don’t bump forum threads before waiting 4 days. Otherwise this will lead to cluttering the forum and other users have a harder time to get their questions answered (:


you are allowed to use anything from the learn tab in a commercial game. :slight_smile:

someone correct me if I am wrong.