A question about Target Arm Length

Why the change of Arm Length value of length does not change the length of the red line, but the change of green arrow length. I want to change the red length,What should I do?

Are you sure about this? I never noticed this.

Of the top of my head, make sure:

  1. Camera is attached to spring-arm
  2. Spring arm is attached to something else (mesh, collsion, root…)

Also check the rotations and make sure they are relative and not absolute.

I have been trying to recreate this, but for me the length of red-line is changing as expected. Could you show the screenshot of the component setup (the hierarchy and their translations/rotations…)

You presumably have the camera attached to a SpringArmComponent and rotate just the camera. If you rotate the whole SpringArmComponent instead, it should work as you intended.

Could you talk about the specific methods to solve it?

In you charcter blueprint componet, make sure the SpringArm comes as a decendant(direct or indirect) of Root. Attach Cmaera as a child of SpringArm. Now if you change the PsringArm length, it will work as expected. If you want to maintaign the Camera’s view, you must Uncheck ‘use Controller rotation’ in camera properties.

OH,That’s OK!Thank you very much!