A question about pick up an object?

Hi everyone
I have a question
How can I say I pick up a knife that was on the ground
And if you wanted to throw away a game skyrim

Are you talking about picking up an object and just printing a string or do you want to store said object somewhere, like in an inventory??
Also, “And if you wanted to throw away a game skyrim” makes fairly little sense to me, possible for you to explain?

There are some forum posts explaining some basics to an inventory system, some with and some without an HUD for it but with knowledge and patience
that could be created by yourself.
I myself used Hakabane’s inventory system to get me started (! )

Kind Regards, J

if i understand

Content Examples -> Physics -> 1.1

I actually had a question regarding this particular example.

When picking up an object, the physics object (cube) doesn’t seem to stay in place, I’d like it to be tied directly to the center of the player’s camera. Can someone point me to the area in the BP where this can be configured?

Secondly, I’ve attempted adding functionality that, when a physics object is picked up, you can hold R to lock the camera view and ‘add local rotation’ via mouse axis input to the object to spin it around. This is my second problem. The cube doesn’t continuously let me rotate it, it rotates and then snaps back to it’s original rotation when it was picked up.

Lastly, I’ve migrated the playercharacter BP and SM_DEMOCUBE (which is what is used in the physics example to pick up), and I cannot, for the life of me, pick up my own sm_democube in my own level after setting it to be a physics actor.

I’m currently at work and can definitely post pictures of my BP if necessary later tonight.

Hello, ohmk
Fortunatly I’ve actually succeeded in “migrating” the physics pickup to my own project, so if you post your BPs I can take a look at them and see if I can figure out what might be wrong :slight_smile:

However I have not tried adding any rotate functionality but that would be interesting to try :stuck_out_tongue:

Kind Regards, J

Edit: About the object not being centered most likely has to do with where or what you are grabbing, the physics handle will be at the location where the trace hits, if you want the object centered you might want to change the handles location to the location of the object you hit.

(sry for my english)
if i remember right there are a vector+vector for lower the object in Z, for that the object are lower to crossair ¿that? or for stay in place you mean the object are moving and balance when you move the mouse?

About rotating i see a video tutorial in youtube. this is my list of unofficial unreal tut, perhaps i added to that list.

From a newbie to a newbie, i think is not a good idea migrate when you are noob, try looking at examples and do it in your own project. You going to lost more time but you going to learn more. Migrating for me ins’t useful except for my own blueprint.

Rosty, thanks for the info (same to you as well knack), I found my error in porting over the physics BP is that I wasn’t using the ‘pickup’ tag on the object, something I had never come across before so that was helpful to learn! Going to check into the physics handle location and post again on my findings.

Good to hear it worked out :slight_smile:
about the physics handle location what I did was to set it at the actor location that you hit, instead of the raycast location, keep in mind though that the pivot for the item has to be centered or if its a custom actor, set it up so that the pivot is where you want the player to focus on.