A question about messy kitchen scene polycount.

when you try to make a whole kitchenscene (mess), what is with the polycount?
I did a basic modular kitchen and the Tricount with some dishes/mugs and all you see there (complete scene) is around 16.000 Tris (unoptimized), no backfaces deleted…
When i add all these stuff, what should i target as polycount?
Has it to be really “good old times style” blockish low poly with baked info from hp?
I think the whole project needs up to two years, then the hardware is even better then now too.
This is the kitchen with basic materials, every door is to open/ofen/washer/cooler.
Aside the midpoly sink is everything(450Tris) lowpoly for me.
It should be for gaming.

and this is, how it should be
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I ask, because of this -

It always depends on your game. When you just have this level, you can also use high poly meshes -> e.g with my PC specs I can run levels with over 11 million tris + dynamic lights with a pretty good framerate :slight_smile:
The important thing is, that you keep your draw calls low!

Ty Philipp,
i would make use of Atlas texture, or are there other secrets?
In the good old Hammer editor was a function called portal (or similar), you placed them at crossings (dungeon for example), and that activated the zone behind the portal, short time, before you are theoretically able to see them, i bet there is something similar to make in mighty UE4, but thats a coders job.
For the content inside cupboards / drawers:
I rig every module, with a bone at that place, where the (grouped) objects are spawned, when you open a door, or looking inside and destroyed, when closed.
Easy with sockets.
Or is that useless and i could fill it the whole time, because its not visible/calculated, when the door is closed?
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I’d be more worried about draw calls and shader complexity, especially in a scene this small.
Although it all depends on your target hardware.

  1. yep use atlas textures + dont use too complex materials + reduce the material slots per mesh
  2. that sounds like level streaming ->
  3. your method would be pretty bad for the performance :wink: -> either just leave them like they are (dont know if the UE4 renders tris behind an object) or add a lod channel with a very low amount of tris

Need that to much ressources, when i spawn some objects, inside a cupboard?
Or is it because of skeletal against static mesh performance?
For my basic modular weapon thing i used same technic.
Rifle-mainbody skeletal with bones, where i need to add a module/socket. Every submodule has bones too, when it should have something connected to it.
Bad too?

With skeletal meshes + animation you performance wont be so good -> so you could just use mesh sockets to attach your objects